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Wellnes center interiors - Znojmo

# Znojmo

2019 · 100%
Family house interior - Lelekovice

# Lelekovice

2018 · 100%
Family house interior - Praha Slivenec

# Praha Slivenec

Family house interior - Praha Hostavice

# Praha Hostavice

2018 · 83%
Family house interior - Šternberk

# Šternberk

2018 · 100%
Family house interior - Jaroměř

# Jaroměř

2018 · 75%
Family house interior - Doksy

# Doksy

2018 · 98%
Family house - Tovéř u Olomouce

# Tovéř u Olomouce

2017 · 90%
Family house interior - Tábor

# Tábor

Family house interior.

2017 · 100%
Family house interior - Braškov

# Braškov

Family house interior.

2017 · 93%
Family house interior - Praha Hořovice

# Praha Hořovice

Family house interior.

2017 · 100%
Office building interior - Olešná

# Olešná

Office building interior.

Inteiror - Praha

# Praha

Interior design for international company Fiorini International.

2016 · 70%
Family house interior - Odolená voda

# Odolená voda

The interior of the house combinated of pure bright colors and vibrant yellow.

2016 · 58%
Family house interior - Krmelín

# Krmelín

The interior into a new house in Krmelín combines bright colors of wood and concrete to viewing.

2016 · 62%
Interior - Ceremonial hall

# Ceremonial hall

Our architects designed the interior ceremonial hall, which has a magnificent appearance.

2015 · 76%
Family house interior - Havířov

# Havířov

In this living room interior with kitchen architect in cooperation with the investor used mostly warm shades of color.

2014 · 50%
Interior of kindergarten - Havířov

# Havířov

The effort of the architect was to create a playful and natural environment as well as inside the building. Kids so they can play on the lawn near a big tree.

2014 · 90%
Interior of office building - Brno

# Brno

These open plan office spaces are designed using bright colors and seating furniture with an emphasis on ease of operation.

2014 · 40%
The interior of the house on a slope - Beroun

# Beroun

Very friendly interior has been designed to the client's wishes in subtle tones and warmer, using mostly natural materials.

2014 · 83%
The interior of a terraced house - Praha Vokovice

# Praha Vokovice

For this interior architects applied several material similar in appearance from the period of functionalism.

2014 · 85%
Interiors of fitness center Boby - Brno

# Brno

The new interiors fitness center, including social rooms, reception, bar and gym.

2014 · 100%
Luxury house interior - Beroun

# Beroun

The interior executed in a simple color combination of white, gray and wood. Other interior colors give the individual accessories.

2014 · 87%
Living room interior - Ořechov

# Ořechov

The living room of the house made of concrete designed by the architect with only two colors namely gray concrete and brown leather seat and the floor.

2014 · 53%
Family house interior - Budišovice

# Budišovice

The interiors of the house are solved in an original way so that they are modern, but cozy and acted populated and not cold.

2014 · 93%
Family house interior - Beskydy

# Beskydy

For the luxury house with swimming pool, we have designed the interiors, which are aligned to the uniform color combinations

2013 · 97%
Interior design of office space - Praha Holešovice

# Praha Holešovice

Draft of all equipment, including office space construction works in Prague's Holešovice.

2013 · 20%
Family house interior - Pstruží

# Pstruží

Pstruží is an attractive location for housing. That is why we design our next interior of the house. Everything is decorated in elegant light color tones with occasional revival.

Cafe interior - Praha

# Praha

In an unusual and beautiful historic space we designed the interior of the cafe. We respected on the original and determining the structure of the building.

2013 · 50%
Family house interior - Krmelín

# Krmelín

The interior of this low-energy house our architects reconcile in shades of gray.

2013 · 80%
Interior living room with a staircase - Developer from Switzerland

# Developer from Switzerland

In this living room interior is well used feature exposed staircase from which partly becomes the library.

The interiors of the office building - Praha

# Praha

Administrative building interior design in style of airy layout using fresh colors and natural motifs.

2013 · 50%
Family house interior - Praha Čestlice

# Praha Čestlice

The interior of the house with a living room tuned to the colors gray and red.

2013 · 100%
Appartment interior - Praha Stodůlky

# Praha Stodůlky

The interior design is designed so that the total area looks natural, airy and comfortably according to the trends of modern interiors.

2012 · 71%
Terrace house interior - Praha

# Praha

The fundamental was design the living room, which is the main area of the interior of the house. According to the tastes of the client, we chose cheerful colors

2012 · 53%
Bath interiors for family home - Pstruží

# Pstruží

These interiors of bathrooms are designed to perturb luxuriously and cleanly. The chosen colors maximum respect for natural materials and their color.

2012 · 95%
The interior of the living room and dining room - Developer from Switzerland

# Developer from Switzerland

For this open living space we chose a combination of green, purple and brown colors which brightened the whole room.

2012 · 20%
Family house interior - Klimkovice

# Klimkovice

The interior of the house is decorated in shades of gray and white.

2012 · 100%
Interior design living space for a family house - Developer from Switzerland

# Developer from Switzerland

Daily space of the house was designed in natural colors and materials.

2012 · 50%
Interior design of open space offices - London

# London

In this office building interiors should be designed as open space. Drafts are therefore very open and flexible.

2012 · 33%
The interior of the living room - Developer from Switzerland

# Developer from Switzerland

Design solutions for the living room in a very warm and bright colors for a young family with children.

Bathroom interior in minimalist style - Brno

# Brno

Interior bathroom where we used common elements, but design furnishings and unusual wall cladding.

2012 · 94%
Luxury living room with bunk galleries - Developer from Switzerland

# Developer from Switzerland

Spiral staircase at the entrance gives us the choice to continue living room or ascend to the gallery, which is located in the imaginary second floor of this open space.

2012 · 60%
Family house interior - Jihlava

# Jihlava

The interior of the house has an elegant appearance.

2011 · 97%

It took a lot of work to achieve mastership in design.

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