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Family houses

Funkcionalist villa - Nový Jičín

# Nový Jičín

Funkcionalist villa with three terraces in Nový Jičín.

Family house - Všestary u Říčan

# Všestary u Říčan

Feng Shui house in Všestary u Říčan.

2018 · 100%
Family house - Turnov

# Turnov

Modern house with two periscopes looking at the countryside dominants in Turnov.

Family house - Struhařov

# Struhařov

Family house Twins situated nearby Prague in village Struhařov.

2018 · 100%
Family house - Dobřejovice

# Dobřejovice

Luxury house with green roof and solar roof tiles in Dobřejovice.

2018 · 90%
Family house - Ostrava

# Ostrava

Steep plot surrounded by forest defined natural house with green roof, atrium and wooden parts.

Family house - Hajany

# Hajany

Compact white house with central atrium Hajany.

Family house - Vysoký Újezd u Berouna

# Vysoký Újezd u Berouna

House with terraces trilobit Vysoký Újezd u Berouna.

2018 · 100%
Family house - Hrusice

# Hrusice

House by the stream with atypical pitched roof Hrusice.

2018 · 100%
Family house - Loděnice u Berouna

# Loděnice u Berouna

Inclined house with facades made of metal tiles Loděnice u Berouna.

Family house - Lyžbice

# Lyžbice

Simple bungalow with large terrace around whole house in Lyžbice.

2018 · 60%
Family house - Praha Slivenec

# Praha Slivenec

Main construction of this luxury house levitates above the steep plot underneath.

2018 · 100%
Family house - Kladno

# Kladno

3 terraces house with stone facade tiles where upper floor created a bird’s nest with bedrooms for perfect relaxing.

2018 · 80%
Family house - Čeladná

# Čeladná

Luxury house in organic shape stands right next to the mountain golf court in Ostravice.

2017 · 85%
Family house - Pržno

# Pržno

Bungalow in the shape of star covers wide lanscape views of this mountain plot.

2017 · 100%
Family house - Zruč-Senec #2

# Zruč-Senec #2

Triangular luxury villa with inner pool Zruč-Senec.

2017 · 93%
Family house - Zruč-Senec #1

# Zruč-Senec #1

First triangular villa with inner pool and covered terraces.

2017 · 100%
Family house - Zbuzany

# Zbuzany

Elegant house composed of several white “L” letters.

2017 · 93%
Family house - Doksy u Kladna

# Doksy u Kladna

Family house 3in1 with metal facades Doksy u Kladna.

2017 · 100%
Family house - Čeladná

# Čeladná

2017 · 100%
Family house - Karlovy Vary

# Karlovy Vary

Bungalow in the shape of letter “S” with wintergarden.

2017 · 100%
Family house - Krmelín

# Krmelín

Bungalow with party terrace and outer kitchenette in Krmelín.

2017 · 85%
Family house - Tábor

# Tábor

Luxury house with wooden facades and roof is designed for a plot in the forest

2017 · 85%
Family house - Frenštát pod Radhoštěm

# Frenštát pod Radhoštěm

Elegant villa witt 2 storey living room and amazing view of Beskydy mountains.

2017 · 94%
Family house - Hajany

# Hajany

House with four levels of floors as a reaction on the steep plot with view of countryside with Pálava mountains.

2017 · 100%
Family house - Praha Hostavice

# Praha Hostavice

Tropical garden with large aquarium serves as a peaceful area for resting.

2017 · 55%
Family house - Pržno

# Pržno

Bungalow in mountains inspired by traditional architecture of countryside embracing big summer terrace.

2017 · 85%
Family house - Praha

# Praha

Modern villa with large terraces is situated on the plot with beautiful view of Czech capital.

2017 · 82%
Family House - Brno

# Brno

Luxury villa in natural area nearby Brno.

2017 · 90%
Family house - Šternberk

# Šternberk

Luxury villa with massive upper floor construction elevating above glazed ground floor.

2017 · 98%
Family house - Vysoký Újezd u Berouna

# Vysoký Újezd u Berouna

Family house is focused on simple and practical disposition with a wooden structure spreading like a scissors into the garden

2017 · 100%
Family house - Jaroměř

# Jaroměř

Architecture of this luxury villa is based on symmetry, quality materials and views of surroundings.

2017 · 94%
Family house - Sulice

# Sulice

Elegant bungalow with elevated living room ceiling is focused on simple shapes and practical interior design.

2017 · 92%
Family house - Nový Vestec

# Nový Vestec

Reconstruction of an older funkcionalist house situated on the Jizera river bank respects original architectural principles.

2017 · 100%
Family house - Pouště

# Pouště

Roof decreasing to the ground is defining the original design of this luxury house with obligatory use of pitched roofs

2017 · 92%
Family house - Malenovice

# Malenovice

Small house is with its simple architecture designed for relaxation.

2017 · 100%
Family house - Praha Řeporyje

# Praha Řeporyje

Triangular house situated on limited area copies the plot’s shape and leaves its largest part for garden.

2017 · 60%
Family house - Braškov u Kladna

# Braškov u Kladna

Luxury house two-storey house with huge living room spreaded into two floors.

2017 · 89%
Family house - Krmelín

# Krmelín

Luxury house with multiple levels using the slope of the land.

2017 · 66%
Family house - Malé Kyšice

# Malé Kyšice

Luxury two-storey house with garage and big sized wall tiles.

2016 · 100%
Family house - Benice u Prahy

# Benice u Prahy

Natural house cut into the hillside with green roof and large windows.

2016 · 89%
Family house - Dobroslavice

# Dobroslavice

Luxury house where living room creates the dominant heart of whole building.

2016 · 84%
Family house - Těptín

# Těptín

House in countryside that perfectly fits into nature with pitched roof and outer swimming pool.

2016 · 90%
Family house - Dolní Jirčany u Prahy

# Dolní Jirčany u Prahy

Luxury T-shaped Bungalow with multilevel floors set into steep plot.

2016 · 82%
Family house - Praha Modřany

# Praha Modřany

Luxury three-storey house with significant white line running across whole garden facade.

2016 · 90%
Family house - Brušperk

# Brušperk

Luxury two-storey house with flat roofs on steep plot.

2016 · 80%
Family house - Řeporyje u Prahy

# Řeporyje u Prahy

Four-storey villa with underground garages, offices, spa and large roof terrace.

2016 · 75%
Family house - Zeleneč u Prahy

# Zeleneč u Prahy

Luxury villa composed of 3 houses of various sizes connected into one complex.

2016 · 96%
Family house - Konárovice u Kolína

# Konárovice u Kolína

Large plot at the top of the hillside gives to this luxury villa amazing view of countryside.

2016 · 74%
Family house - Netovice u Slaného

# Netovice u Slaného

Two storey house designed from three similar masses uses natural materials for facades.

2016 · 91%
L-shaped bungalow with roof terrace - Levín u Berouna

# Levín u Berouna

L shaped bungalow with large roof terrace is focused on connection of interior with garden.

2016 · 72%
Compact luxury bungalow with a saddle roof - Klokoty Tábor

# Klokoty Tábor

Expressive design of this luxury villa is reflection of owners open personality.

2016 · 84%
White bungalow with a rounded roof overhang - Děhylov u Ostravy

# Děhylov u Ostravy

Very simple and elegant mass of this house with added curve in the central roof part which makes the house design special.

2016 · 78%
Luxury three-storey house with indoor swimming pool - Tovéř u Olomouce

# Tovéř u Olomouce

Very elegant and luxury house with inner swimming pool with focus on calm and harmonic living.

2016 · 94%
Luxury bungalow with tiles made of stone and wood - Praha Dolní Chabry

# Praha Dolní Chabry

Bungalow with pitched roof and wooden and stone facades.

2016 · 89%
Luxury two-storey house - Malé Kyšice

# Malé Kyšice

Luxury house with significant architecture, garage and perfect connection with the exterior through large-format glazing.

2016 · 87%
Luxury L-shaped house with wood paneling and exposed concrete - Máslovice u Prahy

# Máslovice u Prahy

This villa has two large roof terraces suitable for resting and stargazing.

2016 · 79%
Low-energy house reacting to the terrain relief - Ústí nad Labem

# Ústí nad Labem

Modern house on the steep plot, where upper floor covers big terrace in lower floor.

2015 · 88%
Luxury house on a slope with wood paneling - Praha Hloubětín

# Praha Hloubětín

Luxury three storey house in the northern hillside works with shortage of natural sunlight.

2015 · 82%
Small low-energy house in the hillside - Beroun

# Beroun

White lines and outer constructions make this small family house elegant and ideal for young family.

2015 · 78%
Luxury atypical house on a slope with atrium - Praha Hořovice

# Praha Hořovice

Villa on the hillside is invisible with its green roofs and yet very expressive from the garden view.

2015 · 83%
Luxury low energy house with white plaster and stone facing - Čeladná

# Čeladná

Low-energy house with sunny terrace overlooking the Beskydy Mountains.

2015 · 92%
L-shaped bungalow established in the hillside with enclosed garden - Stará Plesná

# Stará Plesná

L shaped bungalow is facing the hillside and creates closed and intimate atrium like garden.

2015 · 93%
Modern economic house made of containers with covered terrace - Lázně Bohdaneč

# Lázně Bohdaneč

Unusual construction of prefabricated containers defined cubic design of this economic solution of family housing.

2015 · 83%
Atypical house on a narrow plot of land with lean roofs - Liptovský Mikuláš

# Liptovský Mikuláš

Low-energy house located on a small plot with northern orientation is trying to be inconspicuous for its surrounding.

2015 · 80%
Luxury villa with an indoor pool and three apartments - Chvalíkovice

# Chvalíkovice

This luxurious villa with three apartments has a large glass and two separate gardens. It also includes an indoor swimming pool and cinema.

2015 · 85%
Economic atypical house on a narrow plot of land with a flat roof - Kylešovice u Opavy

# Kylešovice u Opavy

Modern family house stands at the spot of an old house and its architecture fits into surrounding.

2015 · 100%
Low energy U-shaped bungalow with a terrace and swimming pool - Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí

# Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí

Shape of this House in letter U embraces terrace with swimming pool with help of elegant curved ceiling line.

2015 · 95%
Low energy L-shaped bungalow with gray tiles - Stránčice

# Stránčice

Wooden structure bungalow with organic shaped roofs that express two holding hands of a parent and kid.

2015 · 80%
Luxury low energy house in the hillside - Jihlava

# Jihlava

Luxury three-storey house with wellness area on a steep plot with wooden and stone facades.

2015 · 90%
Low energy bungalow with a gable roof - Tovéř u Olomouce

# Tovéř u Olomouce

This modern family house gets its unique design thanks to unusual work with pitched roof.

2015 · 74%
Extension of the family house with stone facing - Statenice u Prahy

# Statenice u Prahy

Extension of this family house emphasize on the modern approach which suits the existing house.

2015 · 93%
Luxury low energy bungalow on a gentle slope - Klimkovice

# Klimkovice

Luxury villa defined by white lines, big glazing and natural stone tiles. First floor is living and resting area and basement serves as party floor.

2015 · 94%
Atypical L-shaped house with covered parking and a large glass - Praha Čestlice

# Praha Čestlice

L shape of this modern family house gives to it's terrace required privacy.

2015 · 80%
Low energy bungalow built next to the woods - Krmelín

# Krmelín

Low energy bungalow on a beautiful plot surrounded by forest has natural shapes and materials fitting into nature.

2015 · 94%
Luxury passive house with glassed overlooking of the garden - Brušperk

# Brušperk

Passive house with two-storey living room has a decent architecture of lines, big galzing and grey colours.

2015 · 80%
Low-energy house with sunny terrace - Mladá Vožice u Tábora

# Mladá Vožice u Tábora

Modern family house with large terrace and views of landscape around

2015 · 100%
Bungalow with a raised living room and large terrace - Staré Hodějovice

# Staré Hodějovice

Bungalow with lifted roof over living room area is expanding into the garden.

2015 · 87%
L-shaped bungalow with a separate garage and a gable roof - Světlá ve Slezsku

# Světlá ve Slezsku

L shaped bungalow with pitched roof is cut into two separate houses and reconnected by an elegant white line.

2015 · 89%
Two-storey low-energy house with a large covered terrace - Praha Čestlice

# Praha Čestlice

Modern low-energy house designed in very decent architecture with large covered terrace.

2014 · 85%
Luxury low energy bungalow with garage - Černošice

# Černošice

Luxury one-storey villa with large covered terrace, swimming pool and natural materials on the facades.

2014 · 81%
Economic bungalow with gabled roofs and a winter garden - Tichá

# Tichá

This house is designed as two separate masses connected with main entrance. Very simple, functional and suitable for its natural surrounding.

2014 · 85%
Low-energy terraced house - Horní Počernice

# Horní Počernice

New town house with older houses around tries to be modern but same way fit in surrounding.

2014 · 93%
Atypical luxury villa with a flat roof - Vyšehoří

# Vyšehoří

Atypical luxury villa with inner swimming pool and roof terraces has full glazed walls for gazing nearby mountains.

2014 · 95%
Single-storey bungalow on a slope - Odolená Voda

# Odolená Voda

Small bungalow for a young family has thanks to steep plot multilevel floor that gives to inner space unusual spacious feeling.

2014 · 96%
Economic L-shaped house with a flat roof - Praha Dolní Břežany

# Praha Dolní Břežany

Two storey low-energy house designed as several intersecting cubes.

2014 · 73%
Luxury two-storey house with its own wellness - Vysoký Újezd

# Vysoký Újezd

Luxury house consist of two separate objects. First for family living and second for wellness area with jacuzzi and saunas.

2014 · 92%
Luxury white bungalow in the shape of a triangle - Šenov

# Šenov

Bungalow with unusual triangle shape where main garden facade faces afternoon sun with its raw and distinct architecture.

2014 · 94%
White low-energy house with a flat roof - Praha Dolní Chabry

# Praha Dolní Chabry

Elegant and straight architecture of this low-energy house is enhanced with curved facade and roof.

2014 · 92%
Luxury storey villa near the pond - Mýto u Rokycan

# Mýto u Rokycan

Large plot with unique view of pond allowed architects to design elegant one storey villa spreading over the land.

2014 · 94%
Low-energy house in the hillside with a gable roof - Hýskov u Berouna

# Hýskov u Berouna

Classical house with pitched roof and modern elements is naturally set in a relatively steep slope.

2014 · 94%
Luxury low energy bungalow with a flat roof - Černošice

# Černošice

Bungalow with unusual organic design tries to be very natural in its colors and used materials.

2014 · 87%
Ground-floor L-shaped bungalow with a covered terrace - Radějovice

# Radějovice

Traditional bungalow, where architect added a few modern ideas such as large covered terrace.

2014 · 96%
Low-cost house with a large covered terrace - Horní Soběšovice

# Horní Soběšovice

The house, which invites you to relax on the garden terrace created by the architect, so make the most of linking the interior with the exterior.

2014 · 97%
Luxury atrial house with elegant curves - Stará Bělá Ostrava

# Stará Bělá Ostrava

Like a snake on a branch this house turns around its axis with atrium and creates many unique views and feelings.

2014 · 85%
Economical two-storey house composed of blocks - Praha Kbely

# Praha Kbely

Simple architectural concept of three intersecting cubes creates practical concept of modern living.

2014 · 100%
Luxury house with attic and stone facing - Hrabová

# Hrabová

Family house with feeling of english architecture has interior designed in modern living principles.

2014 · 97%
Low-energy luxury house with brick cladding - Polanka nad Odrou

# Polanka nad Odrou

One house made of two mirrored halves creating playful architecture in very practical solution.

Luxury low energy house in a mountainous landscape - Bocanovice

# Bocanovice

Modern family house in the mountains has great views of landscape combines classical elements like stone walls together with modern ones like green flat roof.

2014 · 100%
Luxury low energy bungalow made of concrete - Ořechov

# Ořechov

Family house for concrete loving client has a one-storey construction has very simple zoning for harmonic living.

2014 · 87%
Low-energy house with a wave and attic - Krmelín u Ostravy

# Krmelín u Ostravy

First floor with its wave connects lower part of the plot with the higher garden and second floor with its pitched roof creates the modern version of village house.

2014 · 90%
Low energy atypical house divided in half - Praha Dubeč

# Praha Dubeč

Economic house where architect designed two identical halves facing each other meeting at the central staircase.

2014 · 100%
Reconstruction of the house to a luxury and low energy - Kojkovice u Třince

# Kojkovice u Třince

Old house reconstructed into modern face with added resting area and garages.

2013 · 57%
Reconstruction of a terraced house into a luxury low-energy - Praha Vokovice

# Praha Vokovice

This family house finishes the long line of townhouses. It has very formal design from the street and playful warm garden facade.

2013 · 100%
Elegant ground floor L-shaped bungalow with a flat roof - Polanka nad Odrou

# Polanka nad Odrou

L shaped bungalow with a very distinctive design defined by roof line starting at the groung on one side with edgy finish expanding into street on the other.

2013 · 84%
Luxury atypical house on a slope - Beroun

# Beroun

Very steep plot with unique view of the valley below allowed this telescope like building focus on the landscape.

2013 · 80%
Luxury low energy house with a strong shading - Beroun

# Beroun

Client requested unique house. Basic cubic mass, simple to be built, was enhanced by slant windows and roof shading together with fitting wooden facades.

2013 · 95%
Low-cost bungalow with wood paneling - Trojanovice u Radhoště

# Trojanovice u Radhoště

Many restrictions defined by natural protecting area led to a very simple architecture with elegant curved roofline.

2013 · 80%
Luxury low energy bungalow with a flat roof - Osnice

# Osnice

Modern bungalow where privacy and connection between house and garden was fundamental.

2013 · 97%
Luxury two-storey passive house with garage - Hustopeče u Mikulova

# Hustopeče u Mikulova

The elegant building with a flat roof and a large roof terrace with views of the valley.

2013 · 96%
Luxurious atypical house with curved roof - Budišovice u Ostravy

# Budišovice u Ostravy

Unconventional architecture with curved roofs gives the house a hallmark of luxury.

2013 · 80%
Ground-floor U-shaped bungalow with a covered terrace - Slavkov u Brna

# Slavkov u Brna

Bungalow in Czech countryside has focus in terraces and living outside the house.

2013 · 92%
Luxury low-energy L-shaped house with a green roof - Zlín

# Zlín

In a beautiful green environment designed as an elegant family house. The building takes full advantage of the potential of gardens and beautiful views of the valley.

2013 · 98%
Luxury low energy house with curved roof - Kunratice

# Kunratice

The house where we let the roof curve and blend in with the north facade. Rest of the house has a stylish roof covered terrace.

2013 · 90%
Atypical luxury villa in an arc - Hradec Králové

# Hradec Králové

Luxury villa is turning its mass into the sun supported with many irregular square windows and central pool.

2013 · 68%
Luxury bungalow with increased living room - Osnice

# Osnice

The central part of this bungalow has elevated roof in the living room and allows more sunlight to get inside.. Thus a very luxurious space for meeting friends.

2013 · 90%
Luxury villa made of concrete and corrugated iron - Plzeň

# Plzeň

Very significant mass design together with raw materials gives this building a hallmark of uniqueness.

2013 · 77%
Luxury low energy house with a covered parking space - Levín u Berouna

# Levín u Berouna

Family house with U shape creating large private terrace partly covered by second floor.

2013 · 85%
Luxury low energy storey house - Ostrava Michálkovice

# Ostrava Michálkovice

The purity of the architect's design blends with the elegance of used materials - large glazing, wood and exposed concrete.

Luxury low energy house with large format tiles - Malé Kyšice

# Malé Kyšice

This family house architecture and inner layout was designed in principles of modern living together with future potencial of reselling the house.

2012 · 40%
Low energy bungalow with a flat roof rack - Děhylov u Ostravy

# Děhylov u Ostravy

Bungalow where white lines of the roofs create caps for whole construction.

2012 · 72%
Luxury low-energy house in harmony with nature - Bystřice

# Bystřice

Modern house for countryside that grows up from a mountain meadow. Shape of the house together with green roofs reminds of surrounding mountains.

2012 · 100%
Small energy-saving house with attic - Lhotka u Ostravy

# Lhotka u Ostravy

Small house for young family who were looking for cheaper way of construction. No extra parts, just a basic cube for living.

2012 · 67%
Modern bungalow in the mountains with wood paneling - Pstruží

# Pstruží

Low-energy family house for demanding client requiring perfect design for living. 4 small simple masses connected into one village house wit amazing view of mountains.

2012 · 94%
Single-storey modern house with a flat roof and a shed - Stará Boleslav

# Stará Boleslav

The shape and used materials for this house was defined by unusual shape and orientation of the plot with nearby pine forest.

2012 · 80%
Luxury low energy house with a flat roof - Zlín

# Zlín

Luxury house of larger size situated close to the forest. The architect used the natural materials to blend in with the surroundings and also created a house that is energy-efficient.

2012 · 100%
Low energy functionalist villa with roof terrace - Praha

# Praha

This house is designed by our architect as a low-energy with reference to the elements of functionalism.

2012 · 80%
Small wooden house bungalow for a couple - Opava

# Opava

Small, modern house for the older couple is a conceptual solution for low-cost housing in the form of wooden construction.

2012 · 95%
Ground-floor bungalow with garage - Červený Újezd

# Červený Újezd

Unconventionally designed spacious ground floor T-shaped bungalow with a double garage.

2012 · 82%
Low energy bungalow with garage - Kyjovice u Opavy

# Kyjovice u Opavy

Modern low energy bungalow on the outskirts of the village for a young family with a combination of flat and pitched roofs.

2012 · 100%
Small low energy bungalow - Odolená Voda

# Odolená Voda

Small low-energy bungalow with a minimalist appearance, white facades and distinctive roof terrace.

2012 · 90%
L-shaped bungalow with a garage and a hipped roof - Kanice u Brna

# Kanice u Brna

Classical bungalow with modern architecture approach in form of unusual shape of roof.

2012 · 60%
Passive house with a tin roof and facade - Hluboká nad Vltavou

# Hluboká nad Vltavou

Very striking modern house with second floor completely wr fgrey gridapped in metal roofing with large skylights.

2012 · 67%
Low energy bungalow with a shed roof - Varnsdorf

# Varnsdorf

Basic mass of this simple bungalow is brought to an interesting result by using various angles in facades, roof and windows.

2012 · 100%
Luxury L-shaped bungalow with a flat roof and a swimming pool - Kolín

# Kolín

Luxury bungalow, which is designed with a flat roof and partially covered terrace, where the pool is located.

2012 · 94%
Semi-detached low energy house with a hipped roof - Praha Dolní Chabry

# Praha Dolní Chabry

For the concept of multigenerational living architect chose the house for its architecture linked to the surrounding buildings of classical style.

2012 · 90%
Small economic house in a slope - Beroun

# Beroun

On a qoute steep plot is designed architecturally unusual house with a strong element of circular holes in the facade.

2012 · 69%
Passive wooden structure bungalow with a shed roof and garage - Switzerland

# Switzerland

Untraditional concept of the bungalow, where the main part of the house with the living room is elevated in two floors with gallery.

2012 · 70%
Passive storey wooden building with a gabled roof - Developer project to Switzerland

# Developer project to Switzerland

This bungalow respects the principles of the passive house design with a very simple shape suitable for natural areas.

2012 · 93%
Type passive house with a gable roof - Developer project

# Developer project

Typical family house in passive standard for development company is designed for multiple use in various kinds of plots.

2012 · 70%
Bungalow with lean roofs - Karviná

# Karviná

Low cost solution of bungalow that still has its personality and idea. Two basic masses are mirrored and intersected to create visually interesting result.

2012 · 60%
Functionalist style bungalow with garage - Praha Pitkovice

# Praha Pitkovice

Simple functionalism principles and practical way of living are main ideas for this small bungalow.

2012 · 85%
Low-cost wooden structure house planted on a slope - Tuchoměřice u Prahy

# Tuchoměřice u Prahy

Difficult conditions of the plot were bounding together with client’s wishes of a traditional shaped, but still modern house.

2012 · 90%
Two-storey passive house with a flat roof - Developer project to Switzerland

# Developer project to Switzerland

Wooden construction house designed mostly with minimalist approach with a greater support elements of the 2nd floor console in V shape.

2012 · 93%
Low-energy house in L with beautiful views - Bílovice nad Svitavou

# Bílovice nad Svitavou

The house situated in the meadows enjoys a wonderful location with no surrounding buildings. Architecture is modern but yet respects basic shapes of village houses.

Atypical low-energy house with garage - Polanka nad Odrou

# Polanka nad Odrou

Simplicity was client’s main wish. Together with modern floor layouts whole house creates ideal place for family living.

2011 · 100%
Modern low-energy detached house with stone facing - Stará Boleslav

# Stará Boleslav

Low-energy house with dynamic line crossing whole garden facade and creating covered balcony and terrace.

2011 · 100%
Little economic house on a hillside - Beroun

# Beroun

Unique plot conditions let to reverse floors in this family house. Great view of the valley is from the livingroom in the upper floor while acces to the garden have bedrooms downstairs.

2011 · 94%
Luxury low energy L-shaped bungalow with a flat roof - Havířov

# Havířov

Luxury bungalow with elevated ceiling of living room and garage for 4 cars.

2011 · 78%
Elegant passive house with a balcony and garage - Orlová

# Orlová

Compact mass of this family house brings this building into a passive house standards.

2011 · 90%
Single-storey wooden house with attic - Trojanovice u Beskyd

# Trojanovice u Beskyd

This wooden structure house with pitched roof has distinct architectural element of an eye - large window in the upper floor with amazing view of the mountains.

2011 · 100%
Passive house with a roof rack and wood paneling - Developer project to Switzerland

# Developer project to Switzerland

Wooden house in passive house standard is ideal for living in the countryside.

2011 · 90%
Low-energy two-storey wooden house with a covered terrace - Developer project to Switzerland

# Developer project to Switzerland

Passive house that is defined by a simple cubic mass for effective heating.

2011 · 80%
Low energy L-shaped storey bungalow with garage - Frýdlant

# Frýdlant

Bungalow situated in the mountains has optimized design where bedrooms are roofed by flat roof and living room is elevated into the garden.

2011 · 90%
Luxury house with garage and views of the church - Kostelec u Zlína

# Kostelec u Zlína

This luxury family house is situated on the suburb of Zlín city. Architecture is very elegant and practical with usage of natural materials.

2011 · 96%
Little economic L-shaped house embracing the attic garden - Ostrava Pustkovec

# Ostrava Pustkovec

Family house itself embraces the garden from north and east and creates private garden hidden from surrounding.

Little economic house with a gable roof and dormers - Heršpice u Brna

# Heršpice u Brna

Very small plot and already defined shape let our architects not much space for creativity. Despite they designed house with personality and quality of modern living.

2011 · 60%
White low-energy house with garage paneled - Developer project

# Developer project

Passive house for development company is designed as a wooden structure house using wood on the facades.

Luxury two-storey house in the CHKO - Trojanovice

# Trojanovice

Luxury house divided into 2 separate parts where smaller one serves as a guest house.

2011 · 62%
Little economic house with brick cladding and roof rack - Praha Počáply

# Praha Počáply

Low-cost version of bungalow for and older couple is very simple and practical in its architecture.

2010 · 80%
Ground L-shaped low energy bungalow - Petřkovice

# Petřkovice

Large plot for this house was quite aside from other family houses and allowed our architects to design house unlike the others in the village.

2010 · 94%
Little economic house near the pond - Polanka nad Odrou

# Polanka nad Odrou

House design was heavily influenced from the beginning by a small land gently sloping towards the south.

2010 · 70%
Single-storey low-energy bungalow shaded by birches - Ostrava Radvanice

# Ostrava Radvanice

The house is designed for a young growing family. It is situated on flat land with access from the west side.

2010 · 80%
Economic house with a garage - Lhotka u Ostravy

# Lhotka u Ostravy

This energy-efficient house is designned by combining several cubes with various facade materials.

2010 · 100%
Type passive house with a flat roof - Developer project

# Developer project

Passive house for development company that can be built in various sizes.

2010 · 100%
Economic house with attic and garage - Bílovec

# Bílovec

Client requested mass distinctive architecture. This requirement architect imprinted into the house through consoled upper floor.

2010 · 80%
Low energy bungalow with French windows - Strašice

# Strašice

This house was designed as a bungalow with simple facades in order to achieve the best energy efficiency.

2009 · 90%

It took a lot of work to achieve mastership in design.

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