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Civil constructions

Hydroelectric power station - Dubina

# Dubina

2018 · 100%
Appartment building in city center - Ostrava

# Ostrava

Sports-recreational area with accomodation - Znojmo

# Znojmo

2018 · 100%
Modern houses - Jihlava

# Jihlava

Modern houses with bricked facades Jihlava.

2017 · 47%
Lookout tower - Humpolec

# Humpolec

Lookout tower.

2017 · 100%
Administrative building - Olešná u Nového města

# Olešná u Nového města

One story administrative building designed as three-level building.

2016 · 67%
New coat of health centers, beauty and sports - Klimkovice

# Klimkovice

Designing a new facade for a health, beauty and sports center - Avicena & SPA - in Klimkovice.

2016 · 100%
Administrative building - Ostrava Hrabová

# Ostrava Hrabová

A complex of office buildings, which are for the most part made up of glass surfaces.

2015 · 80%
Company base - Praha Karlín

# Praha Karlín

Modern designed headquarters, which has an atrium with a rest area.

2015 · 62%
Company base - Havířov

# Havířov

Modern and elegantly designed building, which now houses the headquarters.

2015 · 71%
The study of office building - Berlin

# Berlin

Our architects worked out a study of an office building with an oval shape.

2015 · 80%
Wellness center - Brno

# Brno

Modern wellness center building for Moravian metropolis. The interior is designed with an emphasis on airiness, peace and tranquility.

2014 · 100%
A study of administrative buildings for a multinational company - Vienna

# Vienna

Draft of several administrative buildings connected into one unit serving as the headquarters of multinational companies.

2014 · 84%
Shopping mall - Liberec

# Liberec

The modern three-storey shopping center which architects conceived into round shapes using natural elements in the interior.

2014 · 90%
Multifunctional house in the gap - Ostrava

# Ostrava

Multifunctional house, which is built on a vacant site at the Ostrava main street in the city center.

2014 · 66%
Production hall with office building and training center - Munich

# Munich

Unconventional multifunctional building with a manufacturing center and office building in the form of two houses facing each other.

2014 · 100%
Shipyard - Berounka

# Berounka

Shipyard, which the architects devised shaped as hull sailboat with wooden structure.

2014 · 100%
Elementary school - Zurich

# Zurich

Newly built elementary school in the Swiss city's architecturally conceived as a monolithic concrete structure with a distinctive glazing.

2014 · 100%
Observatory - Žďár nad Sázavou

# Žďár nad Sázavou

In this building architects let their imagination to work hard. The observatory is used for exploration of the universe and, therefore, may well look like from another planet.

2014 · 100%
New building of the Roman catholic church - Krnov

# Krnov

The new church in the mountainous landscape reflects austerity and wildness of the surrounding countryside, whether its architecture or even chosen materials.

2013 · 80%
Design of office building facades - Opava

# Opava

This large administrative and production complex has a new facade made only in corporate colors.

2013 · 20%
Apartment building 2 - Praha Stodůlky

# Praha Stodůlky

Residential house, which we unconventionally solved by using repetitive gabled roof. In combination with the dark tiles large format creates a very attractive residential complex.

2013 · 63%
High-rise office building - Praha

# Praha

These towers office buildings are designed in a sleek organic shape that shatters preconceived notions of austere square-rise buildings.

2013 · 48%
Pedestrian footbridge over the river - Ostrava

# Ostrava

The design of the bridge, which will connect the pedestrian both banks of the river Ostravice architect conceived as an elegant suspended footbridge in white.

2012 · 60%
Appartment building 1 - Praha Stodůlky

# Praha Stodůlky

Residential building that respects the traditional material used for the design of residential buildings, however, facades are acted out by irregular windows and colors.

2012 · 60%
Study - Tábor

# Tábor

This study defines the suspension urban design of larger areas and fragmentation of individual building plots.

2012 · 20%
Thermal insulation of prefab house - Ostrava

# Ostrava

Complete insulation panel house with exchange windows and partial construction works in the interior of the house.

2012 · 80%
Cafe at the viaduct - Praha Karlín

# Praha Karlín

Cafe, which is designed as a built-in arch historic viaduct. Architects sensitively so inspired by the old building a new function.

2012 · 80%
Revitalization of the panel house - Ostrava

# Ostrava

Complete revitalization of panel house include insulation, replacement windows, replacement of electrical wiring and renovation of the common areas.

2012 · 40%

It took a lot of work to achieve mastership in design.

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