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Construction - family house Krmelín

Constructionfamily house Krmelín

Construction - family house Praha Vokovice

Constructionfamily house Praha Vokovice

Construction - family house Odolená Voda

Constructionfamily house Odolená Voda

Construction - family house Levín u Berouna

Constructionfamily house Levín u Berouna

Construction - family house Praha Kbely

Constructionfamily house Praha Kbely

The house is built of blocks of lime.

Construction - family house Hustopeče

Constructionfamily house Hustopeče

Two-storey detached house.

Construction - family house Hluboká nad Vltavou

Constructionfamily house Hluboká nad Vltavou

Construction of the two-storey house with large windows to the garden.

Construction - family house Ostrava Polanka  2

Constructionfamily house Ostrava Polanka 2

Low-energy family bungalow is built with a combination of flat and pitch roof.

Construction - family house Trojanovice 2

Constructionfamily house Trojanovice 2

This low-energy family house is built with a curved gable roof.

Construction - family house Beroun 3

Constructionfamily house Beroun 3

This atypical house is surrounded by terraced terrain.

Construction - family house Beroun 2

Constructionfamily house Beroun 2

Low-energy house, which is white in color and is covered with wood.

Construction - family house Tuchoměřice

Constructionfamily house Tuchoměřice

This house is a combination of brick buildings below ground level and wooden structures. Roofing is a gable roof truss.

Construction - family house Bystřice nad Olší

Constructionfamily house Bystřice nad Olší

Nontraditional house with green roof is built of sand-lime blocks. Facades are made of white plaster and lined with wood.

Construction - family house Lhotka

Constructionfamily house Lhotka

Little economic house built of clay blocks and roof gable roof truss is ideal for a young family

Construction - family house Děhylov

Constructionfamily house Děhylov

Single-storey bungalow roofed combination of counter and a flat roof with a distinctive shape and unusual solutions.

Construction - family house Komorní Lhotka

Constructionfamily house Komorní Lhotka

House in the foothills of Beskydy shape is very simple rectangle covered with a shed roof. It is lined with brick blocks

Construction - family house Praha Dolní Chabry

Constructionfamily house Praha Dolní Chabry

Semi-detached family house is lined with brick blocks and is covered with a gable roof purlin.

Construction - family house Zlín

Constructionfamily house Zlín

This elegant luxury home is built in traditional brick technology from the system Heluz. The ceilings are reinforced concrete and panel.

Construction - family house Praha Pitkovice

Constructionfamily house Praha Pitkovice

Bungalow that is built brick technology with simple facades referring to the principles of functionalism.

Construction - family house Varnsdorf

Constructionfamily house Varnsdorf

Bungalow simple but unusual shape with a shed roof and facade of large format tile.

Construction - family house Malé kyšice

Constructionfamily house Malé kyšice

Luxury house in a very quiet area in the south of Kladno is slowly but surely being finalized.

Construction - family house Hradec Králové

Constructionfamily house Hradec Králové

House with a gable roof with a simple design built of brick on the outskirts of Hradec Kralove.

Construction - family house Karviná

Constructionfamily house Karviná

Smaller family house standing near the Polish border with opposing lean roofs which are made of sand-lime bricks.

Construction - family house Stará Boleslav

Constructionfamily house Stará Boleslav

Construction progress of semi-detached house. Our architects worked on the house built on sand-lime brick.

Construction - family house Stará Boleslav

Constructionfamily house Stará Boleslav

The process of construction of a simple bungalow that its shape follows the shape of the successor to the forest plot

Construction - family house Pstruží

Constructionfamily house Pstruží

Photographs of the construction of non-traditional bungalow, which is built of sand-lime brick with a gable roof.

Construction - family house Orlová

Constructionfamily house Orlová

Our architects regularly visit the construction of low-energy brick house.

Construction - family house Havířov

Constructionfamily house Havířov

During the construction of this elegant bungalow done by our architect's supervision, and thus be strictly adhered house concept

Construction - family house Beroun

Constructionfamily house Beroun

This house made of bricks architect planted in the sloping land so that the bottom floor of one side completely below ground.

Construction - family house Heršpice u Brna

Constructionfamily house Heršpice u Brna

The house is heavily influenced by narrow lot and because of limitations of the office building architects had few options to resolve house.

Construction - family house Ostrava

Constructionfamily house Ostrava

The house is built of blocks of sand-lime. The architect's concept was based on a sober and practical solutions.

Construction - family house Vřesina

Constructionfamily house Vřesina

This traditional wooden building offering natural and unusual appearance because the architect made the most of the wood on the facades.

Construction - family house Trojanovice

Constructionfamily house Trojanovice

For this house chose the architect wooden building wall panels which greatly accelerated the construction and allowed the use of wood in the interior.

Construction - family house Frýdlant nad Ostravicí

Constructionfamily house Frýdlant nad Ostravicí

This low energy bungalow in the mountains is built like a brick structure with a flat wooden shed roof.

Construction - family house Markvartovice

Constructionfamily house Markvartovice

The house is structurally designed as a wooden building. Architects intention was low-energy and easy building construction.

Construction - family house Ostrava Pustkovec

Constructionfamily house Ostrava Pustkovec

For unconventional plot on the outskirts of settlements chose architect brick building with a distinctive red façade.

Construction - family house Králův Dvůr

Constructionfamily house Králův Dvůr

The house itself is designed for a married couple. The emphasis here architect placed on simplicity of design.

Construction - family house Ostrava Polanka

Constructionfamily house Ostrava Polanka

Technology was selected brick blocks and concrete ceilings together with a wooden roof. The architect chose traditional technology.

Construction - family house Kostelec u Zlína

Constructionfamily house Kostelec u Zlína

In this modern luxury home architect used an elegant solution to the white line in combination with wood and gray coarse plaster

Construction - family house Strašice

Constructionfamily house Strašice

In this brick building was used distinctive architectural feature of rhythmic repetition of French windows in combination with stone facing.

Construction - family house Ostrava Radvanice

Constructionfamily house Ostrava Radvanice

The architectural concept of the house is a complex combination of several materials with traditional construction method.


It took a lot of work to achieve mastership in design.

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