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Villa sketch - Praha Kolovraty

Villa sketchPraha Kolovraty

The villa, which due to less land and neighbors in an enclosed space with a terrace and swimming pool for relaxation.

Luxury villa with green roof - Praha Újezd u Průhonic

Luxury villa with green roofPraha Újezd u Průhonic

This large villa designed by architect as atrial house with a green roof. Vila has so intimately and discreetly

Family house - Praha Stodůlky

Family housePraha Stodůlky

We prepared the concept of the family house on a beautiful gently sloping plot directly in Prague. The house has a pitched roof at different inclinations and maximizes views of the surroundings.

Storey villa - Vsetín

Storey villaVsetín

We are currently working bungalow larger sizes for demanding clients. The house will stand on a beautiful spacious plot above the village.

Modern family villa - Plzeň

Modern family villaPlzeň

The first draft of our architect for demanding clients whose desire is a luxury villa on the outskirts of the city as a low energy house.

Family house in the hill - Hýskov u Berouna

Family house in the hillHýskov u Berouna

Our architects began to prepare a draft of a modern house, which honors classic look but houses with gabled roof

Family house - Ostrava Michálkovice

Family houseOstrava Michálkovice

The architect's first sketch for a low-energy house in which there will be plenty of glass surfaces, exposed concrete and wood

Family house - Levín U Berouna

Family houseLevín U Berouna

Preparing low-energy house, where the architect designed the distinctive bunk console with a dynamic line-solution

Family house - Praha Dolní Chabry

Family housePraha Dolní Chabry

Our architects are preparing family house with a gable roof flights to Prague - Dolní Chabry. House for two families in this respect is very specific assignment.

New family house - Kolín

New family houseKolín

This proposal is our vision of the architects of modern luxury bungalow on the outskirts of Kolín.

Modern wooden house with a covered terrace and a flat roof - Developer from Switzerland

Modern wooden house with a covered terrace and a flat roofDeveloper from Switzerland

This concept timber construction is designed as a passive house with a flat roof. Thanks to overhang the upper floor is created a covered terrace from the living room.

The concept of the passive house with a gabled roof - Developer from Switzerland

The concept of the passive house with a gabled roofDeveloper from Switzerland

Wooden building, which has a very simple plan with a gabled roof. Architectural sketch shows the concept of roof overhang that creates a shield around the patio.

House in the gap between family houses from the early 20th century - Brno

House in the gap between family houses from the early 20th centuryBrno

Our architect designed house in the vacant space of the old building with a gabled roof that fits on the street adjacent to the house and garden area is modern and functional house.

New two-storey family house - Bílovice nad Svitavou

New two-storey family houseBílovice nad Svitavou

The house is formed in an interesting location on a hill in a meadow. Architects take full advantage of the potential sites with beautiful views.

Luxury bungalow with a flat roof - Havířov

Luxury bungalow with a flat roofHavířov

We are working on a modern bungalow near Havirov. Characteristic here is pure design and modern architecture

Luxury villa with atrium and large terraces - Zlín

Luxury villa with atrium and large terracesZlín

Our architects are working on a luxury villa. Characteristic here is an atrium with a pool and large terrace all conceived with the elegance of modern architecture


It took a lot of work to achieve mastership in design.

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